Leonard Floyd: Matthew Stafford is making the Rams defense better

Rams coach Sean McVay has learned the hard way that praise of Matthew Stafford easily can be interpreted as criticism of Jared Goff. Rams linebacker Leonard Floyd apparently hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

Floyd told reporters on Saturday that he’s seen greater intensity at practice between offense and defense. He attributes it to the quarterback position.

“I noticed it,” Floyd said. “I think it’s Matthew. He [is] a veteran quarterback, so he [is] making it [a] little tougher at practice and that ain’t doing nothing but making us better on defense.”

Goff was a veteran quarterback, too. He just wasn’t as good as Stafford. Which is why the Rams gave up so damn much to get Stafford and to unload Goff’s misguided contract.

Floyd also noticed that, after cornerback Jalen Ramsey intercepted a Stafford pass, Stafford cranked things up a few notches. And Floyd has witnessed Stafford’s skill as a thrower.

“He’s been dropping dimes, really,” Floyd said. “He was in the same division when I was with Chicago, so I pretty much know. Yeah, he’s really good.”

Yeah, he is. And that’s why McVay is so excited. He got as much out of Goff as he could, and it ultimately wasn’t good enough. With Stafford, the sky’s the limit for the Rams.